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"Binaba is a sparsely populated village located in the Upper Eastern Region of Ghana. The production of Shea butter as is the case in much of northern Ghana, remains a primary source of income for women.
Binaba Shea Products is so named to credit the women who produce our Shea butter from Shea nuts. The Shea butter is produced by hand by our women in Binaba who work tirelessly and meticulously to produce the highest standard and purest form of shea butter using age-old traditional methods. Shea butter is a very valuable commodity to these women and their communities as it has been used as a food source and in various ways for its medicinal and healing properties, both internally and externally.
By purchasing any of our Binaba shea products, you can rest assured that you are achieving the highest standard of beauty and healing in the most ethical, vegan, and cruelty-free way possible."
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