How to Build Black Wealth & A Black Economy

The pursuit of power and conquests, the discrimination and even genocides of indigenous populations, the role of the imperial powers in slavery, and in continuing discrimination against minorities and indigenous populations, has left high and pervasive inequalities of income, wealth, and power. It’s no secret.


Black people worldwide tend to find themselves on the wrong side of the Great Gatsby curve and trapped in a cycle of poverty. It is a commonplace to note that children of rich households have a better chance to be rich themselves than children of poor households. It's obvious that children in poor households have a very, very difficult time in most places making it to the top of the income distribution.


So how can black people break free of this cycle and gain wealth? The video below discusses ways black people can secure the real bag. That long money that will continue for generations, even if there are a few bad investment choices. Watch below for tips on how to build black wealth.



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