Interview: Etienne Kubwabo the creative behind Beats Of War Comic

Etienne Kubwabo is a filmmaker, DJ, and writer behind the comic book Beats of War. The superhero in the comic, DJ E.T, has been tagged as "Scotland's First Black Superhero" by the BBC, and he has been a rising star ever since.

The Shopping Circle spoke to Etienne to learn more about his journey thus far. Check it out!


When did you discover your talent for story telling?

I discovered my talent for story telling when I was young actually. I remember, I used to get in trouble for watching too much tv, I loved animation of superheroes and I loved tom and jerry cartoons. So we had this broken 80s tv box at the back of our house, and I remember most afternoons, I used to get all my siblings to lay in the grass and i would go through the back of the tv, and start acting out scenes from any cartoon or animation i had seen on tv. I remember we used to laugh for ages and moments like that, are stick priceless and part of my love of storytelling.

How did you hone your creative skills?

My skills have developed with time. I didn't believe in myself before and I was always scared of what people think of me. But once I joined college my lecturers helped me come out of the box, gave me equipment to use and constantly told me to go for it. One day I saw an inspirational speaker talking about how everyone is unique, and that's what makes us special, and none can tell your stories better than you can. So I started working on my skills every day since day
Etienne Kubwabo filming his creative projects before releasing beats of war

What's your goals and vision for Beats Of War? 

Beats of war will have more issues coming out this year and more years to come, and it will also be turned into feature films and tv series. There is so much about our African culture that the world doesn't know and who best to tell these stories except us.
Beats of war scotlands first black superhero on a bus billboard in Glasgow

What's the latest with Beats of War issue 2?

 Beats of war 2 is coming this summer. I can't mention dates yet but it's going to be epic 

What superheroes inspired you?

 I have been inspired by superheroes such Black panther, batman and superman. But I also have a real life superhero, My mom. 

If you could have a super power what would it be?

ET character from Beats of war has the power of a neutron star, which makes ET the strongest superhero. I would want that power, so I could protect planets and our world from external attacks from governments and other species from other galaxies.

Books or Movies?

If you asked me 5 years ago, I would say movies but NOW, I choose books, because most great stories start from books before they get to the big screen.

Marvel or DC?


Manga or Anime?


Anything else you would like to tell your readers? 

I just want to thank all readers of Beats of war, and tell them that this universe is going to get bigger and they won't be disappointed about the stories. Spread the word about Beats of war!
Etienne Kubwabo, Congolese/British creative who has gone on to write, direct and produce award-winning documentaries, short/full-length feature films and over 120 music videos. Beats of War has been inspired from Etienne's own experiences of coming to Scotland as a refugee and looks at the barriers faced by people who immigrate to a new country. He is currently fundraising to create Beats Of War Issue 2 for his fans to enjoy: Fundraiser by Etienne Kubwabo : Create Beats of war issue 2 for young people (

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