Beats of War 2 Has Landed! The Latest Comic Book by Etienne Kubwabo

Etienne Kubwabo, the creator of the hit comic Beats of War, earlier teased us with the release of Beats of War 2.
Last year, Etienne spoke to Shopping Circle:

“I just want to thank all readers of Beats of War and tell them that this universe is going to get bigger and they won't be disappointed about the stories. Spread the word about Beats of War!”

Now, the time has come that Beats of War 2 descends from the ether and lands in our atmosphere.
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Dubbed Scotland's First Black Superhero, Beats of War 2 comic book is the latest edition in the Etian Universe.
SYNOPSIS – Beats of War 1

An alien planet ravaged by robot invaders. A city on Earth plagued by crime. Their hope: a hero from beyond the stars.

SYNOPSIS – Beats of War 2

An alien visitor continues his quest to save his planet. A ruthless gang seeks revenge for an untimely death. Meanwhile, government agents are on the hunt… And the Beats of war drum louder

Etienne left a note for his kids' readers:

"When I was a kid I used to look into the sky and wonder "Is this the only world. Are there more people, beings out there like me?" Of course, just like any other kid in school, I believed in stories told by my elders and friends from school. SOME OF THESE STORIES excited me, kept me awake at night wondering when I'd be able to touch the sky, fly into those galaxies. Dip into space and change the world. I hope Beats of War 2 touches a kid out there, who's still trying to find a place in this world."

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The reviews are already coming in:

Stuart Anderson commented

"the sequence of events that take place once the trap is set by the bad guys is one of the most genuinely exciting and atmospheric episodes I’ve read in a comic book for some time. Beautifully written, drawn and produced. Indeed, the story deals expertly throughout with not only with Et’s complex past on his home planet but also with the conflicts of his new life that come with a montage of sub-themes such as race, friendship and social responsibility. As with the first edition, part 2 looks wonderful with its rich tapestry of colours and styling."

Etienne Kubwabo is not only a talented black comic book writer, he's a black creative who also goes by DJ E.T. Here's the soundtrack that Etienne feels fits well with the tone and the story of Beats of War comic book and can accompany your reading. 
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